Monday, July 12, 2010

Now that’s what I call Football

Having just been Abroad, where the EU “N Others play REAL FootenBallen... I thought it would be timely to ask the questione Y’all are ponderin, right? Uhm, let’s see... Inquiring Minds wanna know where’s Princess? NOPE! That AIN’T it... ACK! Who’ll be the new Indy Car chassis of the future? Nah! Oh Never Mind...

So just where do ex-Formula 1 and Indy Car Driver’s go when they’re looking to continue piloting semi-exotic single seater machinery? Whale, apparently they head abroad and take part in what’s known as the Super League, which sees mostly European Football Teams, Err what we over hear call Soccer competing in a ‘Scrum in “Identically” prepared racing machines, which ironically are now powered by the IRL’s Elder Statesman Davey “STUD!” Hamilton’s recently purchased Menard Engine Group Company.

As the names ‘SeaBass, Err The Hamburgular, “Frank-the-Tank” (Franck Montagny) ‘Bad Bobby D, (Robert Doornbos) “Christian Comedy,” (Tristan Gommendy) Narain Karthikeyan and Frank Ferrara should all be somewhat familiar to you Diehard Open wheel Racing Fans, eh? As you can check out this (dated) report from the Silverstone round...

”Julian Juice” leads Super League practice at Silverstone

Meanwhile, perhaps ‘JENSE possibly is crying in his Beer ‘bout another lackluster Qualifying performance? While you’re Humble Scribe still hasn’t watched the BLOODY Grand Prix... Having par-taken an invitation to watch the Dutch possibly beat Fernando’s Spaniard’s in some World Cup footenBallen match...


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