Monday, July 5, 2010

INDYCAR: Watkins Glen Thriller?

Whale Y’allready knows my sentiments over trying to follow along on the IMS Radio Network... Which made me growl even louder at le Telescreen when ABC ran those glitzy IndyCar Nation “Promo’s” as those Indy Car Big Boyz asked why haven’t you joined? I growled back ‘cause your BLEEEEEEPPPPPPP’in internets stream SUCKS!

OOPS! Now back to the racin’ action... As surprise-surprise, eh? Some Cat named Will Power claimed another Pole Position, as the Aussie’s simply having a ‘Mega season so far, as we were greeted to the sight of a Penske Roadtrain keeping the field at bay... And is it just me or does HULIO seem to be getting his ARSE kicked by his Aussie teammates or what?

Meanwhile The Wanderin’ Milka once again garnered Megabucks sponsor CITGO more dubious attention after exchanging pleasantries with Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-Reay, as RHR informed Milkalicious (Duno) that she should really start using her mirrors a little more!

This comes after Milka was the only driver to hit the wall during Iowa qualifying... Where Milkalicious rolled off dead last, (P25) before Brian Braveheart instructed Milka to park-it! And then this weekend the Dale Coyne Racing “Star” was nearly 11 seconds slower then Will Power at Watkins Glen! Even slower then the majority of the Indy Lights competitors; YIKES!

And could Yuh hear The Captain trying to contain himself from giggling out loud over this Curse-thingy the Media was desperate to play up... SHEISA!

AFS/Andretti Autosport No. 27) R-Adam Carroll
It was nice to hear Scott “Somonex” Goodyear give the Northern Ireland lad a favourable rating, stating how ‘Ol Mikey was impressed by the Drivers prowess in the scuttled A1GP Championship, which Carroll was the last Series Champion of, as I was unaware that he hasn’t driven in 14 months; CRIKEYS! As this made Carroll’s performance even more impressive before he got Hosed by his Pit crew, having an issue with a rear tyre, as Adam finished P16 behind guess who?

Dale Coyne Racing No. 18) Alex LloydI have to admit Messer Lloyd’s growin’ on me, after originally having gotten my dander UP after taking out the BIG UNIT at Long Beach... Yet Lloyd has worked thru this mistake and first grabbed my attention none other then at Indy, when ABC/ESPN SNUBBED the then third place finisher in order to get a really LONG WINDED FLUFF interview with ‘DannaWho? As “Which ‘Juan’s Pink” Lloyd gave Dale Coyne his best ever Oval finish in P4 and then followed it up at TEXARSE with another Top-10 finish...

And that was when Alex “PINK” Lloyd’s insides were literally feeling multiple shades ‘O pink after having just had an emergency appendectomy a week prior to going to DFW...

Yet apparently Alex is feeling better now since he decided to push Dannyboy “Spike” Wheldon outta the way... Before retiring from The Glen with a broken steering rack; HMM? Puntin’ racecar + damaged components = Retirement?

Dreyer & Reinbold Racing No. 22) Justin Wilson
Still don’t know exactly what happened to the ‘BIG UNIT... Who started off pretty good, actually becoming the meat in a Target Sandwich after passing that Iceman Dude, before Scott Dixon got back ‘round him and then Wilson just seemed to slip away quietly, going “South” as Scott Goodyear likened it... As according to Justin, they had a slow first Pitstop changing off of the Reds in favour of the Black majik rubber, and played Ketsup the rest of the race before finishing 10th.

No. 24) Paul TracyWhale it was GREAT to have ‘Ol PT back on the grid, as it’s been over 1yr now; Aye Karumba! As Tracy musta been wonderin’ what’s up with that RHR guy? Hey didn’t he pass me once already? While I was surprised that ABC cut-away from Dannawho? Comin’ up to pass Paul... Did Princess really pass The West Hill Thriller?

Whale at least Rookie Adam Carroll was given an up close ‘N personal demonstration of why one of Tracy’s monikers is Mr. Chrome Horn, eh? While Tracy said he had (Radio) communication issues, along with the same Handling problems Wilson had, seeing ‘PT finish 14th in his KuhNaidiun Thunder tuneup...

FAZZT Race Team No. 77) Alex Tagliani‘TAG seemingly was a NON-Factor this weekend, as his race became effectively cooked after they’d opted for an alternative strategy by pitting early and then being caught-out by the races second Yellow flag... As the Team now looks to regroup for their upcoming Homerace.

HVM Racing No. 78) R- Simona de SilvestroUnfortunately “Simona-Simona” made a mistake after coming out from a Pitststop on Cold tyres and smacked The Glen’s Armco fairly hard, wrecking her racecar and retiring from the race, as De Silvestro was pretty forthright with Jamie Little in her Post-crash interview by saying how mad she was with herself for making the mistake...

KV Racing Technology No. 5) R-Takuma SatoUnfortunately I was unable to listen to TakuSan’s best Qualifying result of the season so far with a fifth place finish in the Fast-Six Shootout, as Taku managed to run as high as fourth place before “Handling” issues , may be a bad Pitstop? Saw the Japanese driver finish one spot behind ‘PT in 15th.

Team Penske No. 12) Will PowerWhat can you say about the Tuhwoomba Toranado,” eh? As Power is simply puttin’ an ARSE whooping on the competition on Street/Road Courses this season... As Will first claimed his sixth Pole Position and then blitzed the field after making a superb pass upon teammate Ryan Briscoe on a late-race restart to capture his third victory of the year... Way-to-Go Will!

Watkins Glen Post-race Press Conference
Since the races are so captivating with the Usual Suspects ‘O Penske ‘N TCGR hogging the limelight.. I’m gonna try giving a very brief Lowdown... By highlighting a bevy of my No Fenders “Fave-Five-ish” IndyCar Drivers, whom are not necessarily in order but simply “Alfuh-Bettically” Team-wise, while I’ll leave the “Proper” race reports to the rest of the Bloggeratzi...

Now I’m gonna relax ‘N watch The ‘Dutch ‘N Germans kick ARSE in their respective World Cup Semi-finals!