Saturday, July 31, 2010

De-Cypher this

Although not overly surprising, the second somewhat mysterious U.S. hopeful F1 Team has pulled the plug upon its lofty aspirations of becoming a Formula One Constructor, as the Cypher Group has withdrawn from the FIA’s “Lucky 13” Grid Slot Derby...

Thus it would appear the running for this dubious distinction now falls between Durango Corse and , Epsilon Euskadi, with No Fenders putting its 43 Pesos on the latter which is after all Joan Villadelprat’s Operation, who once was Professor Steve Matchett’s Boss at Benetton. Albeit Durango is dangling the ‘Jackoe (Jacques Villeneuve) carrot in front of Uncle Bernaughty, Err the FIA, while theoretically Stefan GP is still in the running...

Cypher gives up F1 entry quest – but when will the FIA make a decision?

Hey! Then again Cypher could always go into the IndyCar Body Aero Kit business, right?

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