Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another US F1 Team?

From the ashes of the once mighty USF1 Team comes word of another Stateside Operation seeking inclusion into Uncle Bernaughty’s secret lair... Err, scratch that, its some largely unknown group mysteriously hiding under the banner of Cypher Group, reportedly composed of a mix of former Ken ‘N Peter charges, hoping to miraculously wrassle the coveted 13th Grid slot upon the 2011 Formula One entry list...

As ironically the Team thought to have the inside track, named ART Grand Prix, which is Co-Owned by Nicolas Todt, as in son of FIA President Jean Todt has just announced they’re no longer seeking inclusion due to you guessed-it! The Economy...

Meanwhile the Cypher Group has boldly announced that its already tied-up, Err signed its first driver, a one Mr. Jonathan Summerton, who Y’all may recall was also highly touted as a potential USF1 race driver by the House ‘O Windsor.

Meanwhile in his typical brilliant snarkeyness, Marc has posted the following rant: Top Five reasons you shouldn’t name your Team Cypher

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