Sunday, July 18, 2010

Concrete fever?

Perhaps you’ve become aware of my desire to see my “Home track” Portland International Raceway (PIR) returned to its rightful place upon the IndyCar World Series calendar, even if it skews the balance ‘O Indy Car’s schedule towards a decidedly CART-esqe flavour with GASP! MORE road course/Street circuits then Ovals, tisk-tisk… ‘Cause; Sometimes Yuhs feelz likes a Nut, sometimes Yuhs Don’t!

Thus as Y’all may have noticed? I’ve been fuming lately over the arrival of another “Cookie-cutter” Temporary Street Circuit having been awarded to Baltimore, hot on the heels of the NO PASSING ZONES Barber Motorsports Park in Sweet Home Alabama... Can you say RASSCAR Country?

So of course Geo. Phillips, who I mostly enjoy his Oil Pressure stories weekly, naturally got my DANDER UP whilst according to George, I’ve been ‘Pigeon-holed as ‘Juan ‘O the remaining “BITTER CART/Champ Car fans who feel as if they “lost” and are being slighted’ over Indy Car’s re-creation.

Whale HELL Yeah! I’m Bitter over the fact that Portland has seemingly been locked out of Indy Car and thus I’m definitely feeling slighted over this! As I just cannot comprehend how IZOD ‘N Indy Car wish to continue thumbing their noses at the Pacific Northwest; Oh Never Mind!

May be IndyCar should Stay Away from the Northwest After all...

As let’s take a look at some of the more notorious Street Circuits that have come ‘N gone in the past: San Jose, Phoenix (Stillborn) Las Vegas, Vancouver BC, (Portland-rumoured) Denver, etc. Not to mention the permanent Road courses: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Road America and Laguna Seca. Or Oval tracks: Fontana, Phoenix, Nazareth, Michigan, Milwaukee, Pikes Peak, Nashville, Richmond, etc.

Thus having now been “Locked-out” of the Indy Car Playpen for the last 3yrs and nothing on the horizon? As I certainly do NOT wish for any current ICS Racetrack’s demise... Whale Otay may be a few Ovals, I’ve simply shied away from frequenting Indy Car races ‘cause they’re also BLOODY FAR AWAY!!! And I certainly don’t wanna see Watkins Glen be dropped, nor Sonoma; which if worked correctly could be Twin-billed with a return to Portland to cut down on travel expenses...