Saturday, July 3, 2010

INDYCAR: Watkins Glen, where there’s NO IMS Radio Broadcast to listen to...

Welcome to Upstate New York, home of the Finger Lakes region, where apparently Mr. Bellskuis has gotten ahold of the Books and decided they’d blown their monthly allowance for internets connections, eh? Oh wait; it’s the first of the month, albeit Stephanie of Planet IRL noted yesterday how sketchy the region is for getting a reliable connection for Twittering away... So perhaps somebody let off a few groundflowers or smoke bombs? Although I thought the Fireworks weren’t supposed to go off ‘til tomorrow evening?

As I was all ready to scribble ‘bout how the P.O.S. website had turned the corner... As shockingly I was able to get a clear, audible connection on every first try during the Iowa Cornfest weekend whilst tuning-in to listen to LIVE Qualifying for both the Big Boyz and the Indy Lights racing series... HELL! I even listened to my very first ever Star Mazda race, with my only complaint being that the IMS Radio Network Broadcast appeared to begin some 10min early? As I logged on at the appointed New York Time in order to hear that gravelly-toned Mark James saying it was Lap 9 with a Full course Caution for somebody crashing...

So with the Problemas solved, ‘PSYCH! I logged in 5-minutes early for today’s LIVE Qualifying from ‘The Glen at 1:15PM New York Time... Which I believe is a really snazzy way of sayin’ East Coast time, eh? Or ET? In what ultimately was to be another PAINFUL ET Phone Home episode... (Why do I keep trying?)

So I’d LUV to tell Y’all ‘bout the On-track action at a GREAT Natural Terrain Road Course... BUTT! Y’all guessed it, wait for the symbol crash... Err, why does The GONG Show come to mind here, eh?

Although I did get an internets connection on my first try, even connecting “Just-in-Time” to hear Mike “Yippee-Aye-Kay” King ‘N Mark “BOOMER” James start the show, for reasons unknown, the signal went BLANK just after Justin BIG UNIT Wilson had gone P1, knocked off by Hulio, who was in turn demoted by Briscoe before Justin went back to P1 with Indy Car Debutant Adam Carroll a surprising P2 in the days first Shootout session...

But then Oh NO! Here we go again... As I said, the signal just went BLANK! And I tried my typical arsenal ‘O tricks, i.e.; refreshing the page, logging off, rebooting, and even going thru the insidious hassle of the homepage... Which just had a FRILLIN’ giant black box proclaiming “FREE” LIVE Video streaming ... But I DON’T want the stupid video... Which I finally clicked on in desperation, and where the FUCK is it??? NO! I DON’T wanna sign-up for anything or Register FREE... I just wanna listen to the BLOODY IMS Radio Network Radio Broadcast of the Qualifying that despite what the IndyCar Nation page sez:

Up Next: IZOD IndyCar Series - with IMS Radio Network

LIVE coverage from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

AIN’T F%%KING LIVE! As I finally looked at the onscreen clock, which read 10:49AM... Then – 10:57AM and still NOTHING! 11:08AM HERROE??? Oh it’s still coming up Next; SHEISA!!!

So I’ll go see how the World Cup Football’s going instead... Then ‘Juan last ditch try at 11:18AM and I managed to get a very week signal and actually hear Jake Query ask ‘Ol PT, that’s Mr. Chrome Horn to Yooze Jake! As I was flabbergasted to hear Jake ask Paul Tracy; so is it true you’re trying to work on a Full Season Farewell Tour next year? WTF??? What a totally RUDE question... And then Tuh-Duh, at 11:25AM the connection went DEAD again!

And it also appears that Versus isn’t doing a Qualifying show today? Since all I could find was Tour duh Farce coverage... And then I’ll suffer thru another scintillating ABC Raceday Broadcast; Oh Joy!

May be I should just stick to the World Cup Football instead, eh?