Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turnin’ the Big N-Oh!

So today marks a very special day for ‘Juan ‘O my Scribblin’ devotees, as we’ve shared an awful lotta laughs ‘N misery over the years… As she always asks me; How’s the “BLOB” doing?

Who may this be? Whale its none other then the ‘Juan ‘N Only “Auntie Harriet…” Whose turning a most impressive Ninety years old today!

Last week I was talking to Harriet on the telephone and she said;
Don't you forget! I'm going to be 90 on September 23rd...
Oh? You're what?
ITS MY BIRTHDAY ON SEPT. 23!!! A raised voice said on the other end...
Oh? How old are you gonna be?
To which Harriet retorted... I'm gonna be N-0!
To which I laughed? You're gonna be NO?
Whale at least I know you were listening to me...

So Any-Hoo; HAPPY NINETIETH B-DAY AuntieHarriet…