Friday, September 4, 2009

Montagny to USF1?

There seems to be a lotta speculation surfacing in regards to “Frank the Tank” (Franck Montagny) potentially being on Peter Winsor’s short list of experienced F1 Drivers to possibly make up one half of the driving strength for the start-up team next year, as Winsor supposedly is somewhat enamored by Montagny’s testing experience, although the recent AFS/AGR Indy Car “Fifth wheel” at Sonoma, CA admits nothing is definitive and “They’re” (All three new 2010 F1 Teams) talking to all of the current Formula 1 Constructors Third Drivers as they seek an experienced hand to help their teams get up to speed quickly.

Montagny is also clamed to be talking with “Mikey” Andretti and Gil De Ferran about possible rides in Indy Car next year, while USF1 has formally applied with FOTA to become part of the Formula One teams Association for 2010, while both Campos Meta and Manor Motorsports are expected to do likewise shortly…

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