Monday, September 14, 2009

Houndin’ Dario

And talk ‘bout bein’ desperate… As I made a very rare mistake of setting the VCR’s timer for 5PM instead of 5AM and hence, missed the F1 Qualifying from Monza, Saturday morning… And thus found myself sittin’ in front ‘O le Telescreen, watching ‘dem “Good ‘Ol Boyz” in their Pickem-up Trucks at Gateway, IL. Although I enjoy the Trucks better then the CUP carz… And tunin’ in for the final 8 laps is the best way to go!

As once again I was struck by how gracious of a racing driver Mike Skinner is having pulled off a somewhat improvable victory when the first two Trucks done wrecked… As the “gunslinger” said during his winner’s interview, our pit stopss weren’t great, but I’m sure we’ll get better. See how easy that was Dario! As another driver didn’t throw his crew under the proverbial bus…

And although Dario’s comments were correct and possibly just spoken during the heat of the battle; I still believe you don’t thrash your crew when the bright lights are on… Kinda like pissin’ off the Offensive Line that keeps yuhs from getting’ blitzed, eh?