Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Riddance Flavio!

I have been loathe to scribble ‘bout Flavour Flav’s latest detestable Mud slinging techniques regarding making STUPID accusations about Nelson Piquet Jr.’s personal life, which I first learned about on the Speed Freaks this past Sunday… Of which I’ll say NO more about on that tawdry subject…

Yet, in the never ending seesaw battle royale over the Renault “Crash-gate” DEBACLE! Its now been widely reported that Renault Technical Director Pat Symonds has been offered immunity from prosecution (as Symonds FIA interview has been published in the UK’s Times and doesn’t put him in a favourable light…) in order to go after removing Flavio Briatore as Team Principal of the “Reggie’s” Formula 1 outfit. With further speculation suggesting that Alain Prost could be recruited as Flav’s replacement? Although I find this far fetched since how’d that Prost Grand Prix F1 team do?

And isn’t it ironic that nobody has ever seemed to think there’s a partial conflict of interest between Bernie Ecclestone, Flavio and Alejandro Agag co-owning the Queens Park Rangers Football Club. (QPR FC) Which certainly isn’t a secret between the F1 Team Bosses. (Obviously?) Although Agag has since been replaced by current QPR Chairman Briatore, while Agag has taken over the 2008 GP2 Championship winners Barwa Addax Team, which was previously owned by Adrian Campos, who’ll be one of the FIA’s new 2010 F1 Constructors…

Then again, Flavio’s removal would grease the skids to take over for Uncle Bernaughty whenever the 78yr old Britain seemingly retires, eh?

Life Goes On

So there’s nothing like waking up in the morning and reading the AP Newswire report stating that Flavio and Pat Symonds have left Renault; Aye-Aye-Aye! Furthermore, Renault has now said that it will NOT dispute Piquet Junior’s claim into “Crash-gate” prior to the upcoming court date next Monday; HOLY SHIT! And Sir maXXum – remember him? Mosley’s claim of the worst case being throwing Renault out of F1 forever sounds like a case for leniency is already being crafted…

Renault splits with Briatore, Symonds

But then again; Alls fair in Love ‘N War, Eh?