Friday, September 11, 2009

No Fenders turns three

Happy Birthday to me… As another year has slipped by and the No Fenders “BLOB” (Aunty Harriet’s word ‘O endearment…) turns three years old today…

And Y’all know the drill, as No Fenders has come a long way Baby since first scribbling ‘bout Klien rejects Red Bull offer.

As its been a somewhat strange Sophomore season, of which I’m not sure if I had the dreaded Sophomore jinx or not? (Having contracted a Confuzer virus whilst furiously scribblin’ away… And mashin’ meez nusels on ze keebored, eh? Hey! Us Vurd Botcherer’s gotz toose stik together…) Although the definitive highlights this past year have been my journeys to my very first Indy 500 and British GP!
And thanks to Blogmeister Miguel, without – there would be NO site. Artiste Dave for the great No Fenders logo; CARPETS, Danny, Mary Ellen, Mary Jane and Tricia for their contributions… And most of all my dedicated readers and Y’all for visiting my site…

Time to go cut the cake, eh?

No Fenders Second B-Day notice