Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Making steam

Why does that title make me think of the Princess, eh? For some strange reason, this article caught my eye… As those wacky “Brits” are at it once again, trying to make the ultimate tea pot, Err the world’s fastest Tea Kettle, as those BLOODY LIMEY’S will do ANYTHING for their morning tea ‘N Crumpets, eh?

And thus a dedicated team of Brit’s have recently been cavorting about the dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base hoping to break a very strange record that’s understandably stood for over a century now… As the current steam powered automobile record was set prior to the completion of the famed Brickyard!

Thus, while the Bonneville Speed Weeks was wrapping up, the team set to work to make their attempts on the Roger’s dry lake bed at Edwards AFB, where after many teething problems, technical issues and inclement weather, the team was finally successful with a new FIA World Record average speed of 139.843mph, breaking Fred Marriott’s 1906 Record of 127mph aboard his Stanley Steamer, with a top velocity of 151mph being reached…

Success! British steam supercar smashes 100-year-old land-speed record
Uhm? One lump or two in your tea sir?