Monday, September 14, 2009


Ok, so I know it DOESN’T mean a single DAMN thing what your Humble Scribe’s opinion on whom the winner of the ’09 Indy Car Series Championship should be… But this ‘lil item has been stickin’ in my craw so to speak since the winners (WHINERS?) interview in the middle ‘O the night at Chicagoland… Where I thought that Roger Penske’s on-air comments in Victory Circle about the Burnin’ Inferno’s stellar drive was just a little Manu e Manu “Psyche” game between the Captain and the Cheepster, but I digress…

As the comment that got my dander up was Dario “REO Speedwagon” slaming his pit crew by saying” that’s the type of thing that LOSES us Championships. (Referring to a balky front wheel change)

Earth to Dario! Why are you throwin’ your awesome pit crew under the bus publicly… I mean didn’t you catch the young “Louise JAGUAR” Hamilton’s graceful handling of his teams Foopah that cost him the win in Valencia, Spain to Rubino, stating; “We win as a team, we LOSE as a Team.” Not to mention did you notice what happened when the Renault crew sent Fred Alonso out of the pits in the European GP without his front tyre’s wheel nut attached securely… Uhm? I believe we last saw it hurtling down the front straight!

Thus after having rooted for the flying Scot to collect his second title nearly all season long… I’m now rooting for the Aussie Ryan Briscoe… And NO, NOT because I wanna see Penske win again, but first Ryan got the boot from Chip Ganassi and secondly it’ll be something that Hulio has been unable to accomplish…

So GO Briscoe!

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