Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bidding Adu

As far as I know…I never met the man, who I’ve only heard and read good things about; including always being willing to help anyone out, enjoying his work and always having a smile on his face… (Or even a mischievous grin, eh?)

Who am I talking about? Well I first read of his untimely demise at So here’s What I’m Thinking, (or SHWIT according to the “Dawg”) in a story titled: With a Heavy Heart.

As it was really touching to hear Meesh recall how although Steve Snoddy and her weren’t “best bud’s,” nevertheless, Steve had come to her rescue in a moment of dire frustration – helping her save her just snapped racecar photos when her CF memory card (whatever a CF card is?) had erroneously frozen up and nobody seemed able or willing to help her rectify this…

Even going so far as to burn her a disc copy on the spot and then asking Meesh if everything was ok camera-wise before deleting his backed up copy off of his computer the next time they crossed paths several months later!

And thus, I have to say just how impressive I find this gesture of helpfulness to be to another purveyor of written word and photographs… As I’m just totally blown away by his kindness towards a “Fellow Blogger," as apparently this was just another typical moment in Steve’s life...

Thus, I was happy to hear don Kay bring up Steve’s name this past Tuesday on his Autosport Radio Show, where his guest Ron McQueeney talked a little bit about Steve Snoddy, saying how he probably shouldn’t bring up the fact that Steve had originally come to his attention as somebody who was famous for taking not-so PG13 Pic’s in the Speedway’s revered Snake Pit way back in the day…

As I said before, I probably never met the man, nor needed his assistance in taking any pictures… But I like to believe that Steve’s helpfulness is just one example of what Ron McQueeney described as a facet of all of his IMS Photography staff’s willingness to help us Kodachrome challenged picture takers.

HELL! Who knows? Could it have been Steve behind the lens who took those awesome Pic’s of Davey Hamilton & Mwah that most glorious day back in ’07?

And apparently Steve’s funeral has already been held and those wishing to make donations may do so in honour of Steve Snoddy at:

IRL Ministries
C/O Steve Snoddy
PO Box 24297
Speedway, IN 46224-0297

Hey Steve! What should I set the F-Stop at for this action shot of Danica…?