Tuesday, August 28, 2007

JV goes Truckin’

By now perhaps you’ve heard that former F1 World Champion and Indy 500 winner Jacques Villeneuve is scheduled to test a Bill Davis Racing Toyota Craftsman Truck at Chicagoland. With plans to contest the final seven NCTS events in preparations to graduate to RASSCAR with BDR in 2008.

If the Motor Mouth Kanuck is joined in neXXtel cup next season by Scott Speed in a similar Toy-yoter Camary, this would see three Formula 1 drivers contesting the Roundy Round series next year…

Oh my God! Won’t the Kuh-nuckers be in a lather over their native son bangin’ doors with that Columbian MAC Montoya. Next thing you’ll know, RASSCAR will wanna switch its Busch Series event to a Cup race on the Il Notre Dam. Especially after this years Robby Gourdoun show…

No news on how many Tundra’s Jacques tore up during Monday’s test. Hmm? That seems to be a good make for the French-Canadian to be driving, eh?


  1. Jock Strap ain't the first and won't be the last f1-er to jump to FranceCar!

  2. Hopefully it keeps him out of the recording studio. But what does this say for the IRL or Champ Car? Isn't that where ex F1'ers used to go to top up their bank accounts?

  3. Yeah, it's a very SAD trend... As the Open Wheel refugees from across the pond used to enjoy fruitful second careers as Champ Car drivers... Then again what about all of the ex-F1 pilotes who are now plying their trade in American Le Mans, i.e.; Mika Salo for example...

  4. sadder still, what about the young drivers who came to the us open wheels to build a career because they couldn't get an f1 ride to start-- de ferran and jv come to mind immediately. maybe we'll get a strong le mans series out of it. can am used to kick *ss in the day, why not le mans? too bad no one cares to explore either a rally or touring car series for the us market. right now we can't even get the wrc televised.

  5. Yeah I totally agree... As I've been pissed off at SPEED for dumping their WRC coverage a few seasons ago as that trully is some of the best racing available.

    And I seem to remember that the IRL was supposed to be for enabling US "Sprinters" a way to make in into the big leagues. But as always with any major racing series, you need to have some major corporate backing in able to secure your ride. Perhaps if RASSCAR continues it's upward progression of costs, sponsors may wish to check out less expensive alternatives, i.e.; Open Wheel Racing or ALMS...