Friday, August 17, 2007

Alonso to leave McLaren?

Apparently Formula 1 has been watching the Robby Gourdoun Show… With its own soap box programming. Currently known as the Ferdi ‘N Louise show. And there have been countless stories lately upon the stormy relationship between the two McLaren hired guns. From Lewis Hamilton claiming Fernando Alonso isn’t speaking to him. To Hamilton categorily denying he told the Ronster to “F’ OFF!” on the radio during the “Hunga-Boring” weekend.

So how can one resist being sucked into the melodrama? As the latest press releases seeking Damage Control are attempting to throw cold water on the whole melee. As Ferdi now says he’s NOT leaving McLaren and Louise says “He’s NOT at war with Alonso.”

With the recent departure of Sebastian Vettel to Toro Rosso. This seemed to imply to me that BMW Sauber is happy with its current driver line-up and will keep “Quick Nick” Heidfeld next year. As he’s currently racing for a new contract.

This seems to leave only two “Top” team options available to Fernando. Either a return to Renault under Flavour Flav’s tutelage. Or dare I say it? As Ralfanzo’s replacement at Toyota…