Thursday, August 23, 2007

Indy celebrities

So I’ve been reveling over my most excellent adventure to the Speedway for the past few weeks now. While basking in the afterglow of my extreme euphoria experienced while hanging out at Indianapolis. As I can still hear the banshee wail of the two seater reverberating off the Turn 2 grandstands. (Especially when I play it back on my mini-recorder)

Did you guess who the six celebrities I ran into while at IMS were? As I wrote before they were none other than: DH, “S. George,” DM, Mr. Interscope, “Doctor who?” and D-Squared. (O.k. The REAL “Double D.”) I’ll let you ponder it a little longer, eh?

For this most memorable trek to Mecca, I stayed at the Brickyard Crossing Hotel, which is located directly next to the Turn Two Grandstand. And it’s slightly dated. Ok, so it looks circa 1970’s. Yet I found it to be a most enjoyable locale as it’s full of old fashion charms.

Although I didn’t get Jimmy Neighbors suite. The room was clean, the staff is super courteous, the waitress’s & bartender’s very friendly and the food is quite palatable. But what I found most humourous was having a real “live” person making the wake-up call each morning. Along with using a real key to unlock your door.

And where else can you simply step out of your room and be serenaded by the symphonic harmonies of the Sinden Racing Two Seater reverberating off of the Brickyard grandstands?

After checking into my hotel room Monday evening. Danny B introduced me to his old friend Dave, who we met on his way into the bar while Danny was showing me the hotel’s layout. There Dave introduced us to Dr. Who. And on our way out for dinner, Danny said hello to Mr. Interscope.

Tuesday was the big day for me. As Danny chauffeured me around the corner to the Formula 1 garages for my big adventure aboard Sinden Racing’s Two Seater.

While waiting for my ride, Danny introduced me to DH, who’d be my two seater pilote later in the afternoon. DH was super friendly and really made my day enjoyable. He talked to us for over 20+ minutes before excusing himself to go get suited up for his afternoon at the office. And I’ll give you a hint. He finished ninth in this years Indy 500.

While awaiting the track to be cleared after having a big problem with the other two seater, Danny introduced me to “Steven George” while going to have my picture taken on the pit lane with DH in front of the Canadian Club car. According to Danny, Steven George has been given the moniker due to his close relationship with Mary Holman George.

Than after a mind boggling FANTASTIC day at IMS, we returned to the bar for some liquid refreshments along with a quick bite to eat. Walking in after us and sitting down directly behind us. There’s Mr. Interscope once again. And Danny told him of my ride aboard the two seater and perhaps he could have been my chauffer? No thanks said Mr. Interscope. I’ll stick to single seaters.

After dinner Danny drove us over to McGilvery's Speedway for a weekly radio broadcast hosted by Don Kay of Autosport Radio. One of his featured guests this week was the “Cheeky Brit” DM. Who as always was quite entertaining. And he started off the show by claiming that I’d messed up his golf game when roaring around Indy! But DM had NO interest in the two seater, stating that may be his girlfriend would?

As he was leaving Danny brought him over to our table and introduced me. DM promptly said, so you’re the chap in the two seater messing up my golf game!

Wednesday upon taking a PAINFULLY SEDATE bus ride around the Brickyard narrated by D-Squared. We toured my favourite racing haunt. The Hall of Fame museum. And upon popping into the Photo Shop on the second floor. Which you really must if you want to see AWESOME racing photography from wall to wall. Coming out of his office was D-Squared, who Danny introduced me to. And very obligingly chatted with us for quite some time as we picked his brains over the history of the Brickyard.

SHEISA!!! That was a really ruff trip! As I mentioned to “Auntie” Harriet, I’m getting a bit spoiled here. And I’m becoming a bit particular on whom I meet ‘N greet…

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