Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hungaroring Update

Well I’m still quite baffled by the Hungary Stewards decision, which seems quite contrived and inconsistent with previous draconian penalties handed out to other combatants.

In the wake of McLaren’s supposed team orders at Monaco and the still boiling over Stepney Gate. The Stewards have decided to dock Fernando Alonso five grid spots for his intentional scuttling of Hamilton’s final qualifying lap. Yet the most significant penalty is the decision to cause McLaren forfeiture of any Constructor’s points garnered during the race. To which Ron Dennis has immediately filed an Appeal to this banning of points.

Thus the Constructor’s results could remain provisional until the WMSC rules upon Ferrari’s appeal over the Stepney Spice case, now that the Scuderia has been granted the right to appeal the courts non ruling against the Woking firm.

Yet the ruling of dropping Alonso only five grid positions seems most curious to me. Since at the very least he should have lost his fastest lap and dropped to eighth place. Actually Ferdi should have been properly shoved to the final starting grid spot, a La Michael Schumacher’s Monaco qualifying farce. Ironically this is the second straight year that Ferdi has been penalized at Hungary. With teammate Hamilton now being elevated to pole position with “Quick Nick” Heidfeld on the dirty side of the track in second place. While Kimi Raikkonen will move to third with Williams Toyota’s Nico Rosberg gridding fourth. Row 3 will now see Ralfanso heading Ferdi. Perhaps “Schuey Junior” will oblige us and take out the Spaniard?