Friday, August 17, 2007

Gorilla Driving

In lieu of the firestorm surrounding McLaren’s “Beastie Boyzs.” I found the following two stories hugely entertaining.

Did you hear about Kimi Raikkonen hamming it up in a Gorilla suit? Apparently the Finn and two friends took part in a local power boat race in Hanko wearing Gorilla suits, winning a prize for best costume. Yet when asked at Hungary. The “Kimster” replied in his typical Icelandic fashion. Yeah, but do you know it was me?

And I was unaware of his earlier exploit this season. Having entered and won a local snowmobile race under the name James Hunt.” As it had never struck me that the Iceman was perhaps trying to emulate the hard partying Englishman.

Meanwhile imagine being a local Driver Education instructor in Brazil and one of your pupils is a former three time Formula 1 World Champion…

This scenario played out recently upon a Brazilian judge sending Nelson Piquet back to driving school for an overly large number of outstanding tickets.

Apparently Piquet had 29 points on his license from speeding and parking incidents, which caused automatic suspension of his license. His wife also was sentenced to Driver’s Education apparently for Bad Driving…