Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hungaroring Hicups

Well, what a most entertaining show today’s Hungary Qualifying was… As it seemed to be full of theater as the high wire act of the top two squads was quite mischievous.

First of all though, the troubles of the Honda factory team continued, with both drivers being bumped out of the Q3 session for the very first time this season. As Scott Speed must be smiling to see his ex-teammate out qualifying new recruit Sebastian Vettel. As Vitantonnio Luzzi bumped “Jense” from P16 to advance to Q2.

Then apparently the Prancing Horse got it all wrong upon not filling up Felipe Massa’s Ferrari just moments prior to the end of the Q2 session. Which required dragging the F2007 back to the pits in order to top off the tanks. This confusion caused Massa to end up P14 and not advancing to final qualifying. Which is most unusual for the Maranello outfit.

But it got even better in the waning moments of the Q3 session. When it appears that Fernando Alonso deliberately prolonged his departure from pit lane in order to prevent Lewis Hamilton from a final flying lap after the chequered flag had fallen.

Hamilton had been faster then Ferdi up to this point and was unable to cross the finish line before the flag dropped. While Alonso went on to pip his teammate for pole position by one tenth of a second.

While the SPEED TV crew went bonkers… It seems quite apparent that Alonso had once again played dirty pool as nobody on the McLaren squad seemed to be celebrating. Least of all the “Ronster” who’s stern grimace seemed to speak volumes towards what had just transpired.

Meanwhile the Stewards have summoned Mr. Dennis for a visit as they investigate exactly what transpired. With a possible penalty to follow? And if the Stewards are to be consistent they’ll punt Alonso to the back of the grid, a la Michael Schumacher’s shenanigans at Monaco. Otherwise watch for fireworks tomorrow morning as the two McLaren’s contest the first corner. Blow him into the weeds Lewis!