Monday, August 27, 2007

European Vacation

Hmm? Why did this title spring to mind, as it makes me conjer up images of Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn & Co. gallivanting about Europe while “On Vacation.”

As the Griswalds once again show off their Wally Wurld ways in this really BAD “B” movie… Which is where Champ Car is in my book at the moment. As I’m still fuming over the STUPIDITY of broadcasting both European rounds on ESPN Classic…

And I would have enjoyed watching yesterday’s race to provide my insights on the famous track, but NO!!! One of the BONEHEAD “Brothers” err, four Mousketeers decided either to cut costs or make another really BAD business decision? By getting a really, really good deal on air time on ESPN Classic…

Since once again Champ Car LOOSES at the IRL’s expense! As I wasn’t able to watch the Circuit Zolder race, I was forced to settle for the Indy Car race at Sears Point instead. And Champ Car wonders why it has a TV rating’s problem?

As nexts weekend’s Netherlands race will also be impossible to watch. I’ll once again be viewing Indy Car from Detroit, which has morphed into CART…

And speaking of European Vacations… Did you hear the “Juan” about Jenson Button going camping. Apparently Jense spent the majority of the three week Formula 1 break on a camping trip with his girlfriend roughin’ it in France. As they actually camped out in a tent.

With Jense claiming neither he nor the misses had ever put up a tent before. Along with the couple staying in B ‘N B’s… And after this weekend’s outing at Istanbul. Perhaps Button would have wished to remain camping?

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