Friday, August 17, 2007

Phone Home ET

Isn’t it interesting how you can so firmly grasp a trivial fact in your mind only to find out 10 years later you were wrong! And I find it even more humourous that I spouted off this “Fact” while traipsing about Mount Rainier on the 30th Anniversary of “The King’s” alleged passing. You know, “Elvis has left the building!”

Several years ago my yearly tradition while going to Portland for the Champ Car race was to stop for breakfast with friends at a little roadside Diner… That had a pristine Model a flatbed truck parked inside the Diner’s entrance. With the Diner’s claim to fame being that Elvis had once stopped there and ate breakfast. Or as my “Fwiend” Bob liked to tell us. It was the place that Elvis once peed at. But once again I digress…

They say the… Well, Uh? What was I gonna say? Oh yeah, Err, the memory is the first thing to go… Perhaps I’m finally getting old-ER? But I do know the ONLY reason I know the trivial fact about the UFO sighting is because I heard about it when getting ready to go to the racetrack one morning in 1997.

As I do still recall Randall having turned on the TV early race morning for a weather update and the local cable news outlet ran a very quick story about it being the 50th Anniversary of the “First” reported UFO sighting happening that June 24th at Mount Rainier preceeding Roswell, NM... Now why I thought this was 1946 is a mystery to me… Nevertheless it’s kinda funny that Elvis died 30 years after Roswell, eh?