Friday, August 3, 2007

Indy Euphoria

Ah, the price “Juan” must pay to bask in the shadows of the fabled Brickyard. As it was another tediously LONG day of travelin’ upon winging my way back to the Left Coast. And of course its now raining this morning…

With American Airlines having to prove that the ticket warnings were correct. Stating that the Dallas/Fort Worth connection ONLY had a 40% on time departure… As we were 2 hours late. And it was even funnier to hear the passengers bellyaching’ about us being asked to help clean up the cabin in order for the return flight to Dallas to possibly leave a little earlier. I mean what gives? Y’all gotta pay $5.00 for some spicy chicken wrap. Or $3.00 for some chips, cookie, candy bar… Or for us tree-hugger’s, some silly ass trail mix concoction. And now uze wants us to do your job too?

Yet all I can say for now in regards to my ride around Indianapolis is WOW!!!

“UN-BLEEPING” Believable…
As I’m still reveling in the most excellent adventure of going to Indianapolis. Riding aboard the Sinden Racing two seater! Along with having a fantastic time gallivanting around IMS & Indy. With my esteemed tour guide. Indiana Bureau Chief Danny Bridges!

As Danny managed to introduce me to 1/11th of this year’s Indy 500 starting grid. I got to meet and hang out with DH, S. George, DM, Mr. Interscope, “Dr. Who,” and the REAL Double D. Not to mention the painfully sedate bus ride around the Brickyard and my favourite museum, the Hall of Fame.

Kudos to Danny B for making this such a memorable trip!

Story to follow…