Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Those poor Brits

Just finished watching the pathetic FOX TV broadcast of the Silverstone Grand Prix. And I was extremely happy with the outcome, as the “Kimster” seems to have regained his ‘ole McLaren rocket ship form. Showing his ex-employer Ron Dennis that indeed the Iceman is the fastest driver on the grid!

It was a gripping race as it was hard to tell who was running what type of fuel loads at the very beginning before the McLaren duo of Ferdi & Louise showed the cards McLaren had dealt them. With Alonso taking a short fill to cycle ahead of Raikkonen.

Yet on both occasions, when Kimi needed to run demon laps to gap himself ahead of first Hamilton and then Alonso, the Finn brilliantly demonstrated his abilities of hammering out the fastest laps a la Michael Schumacher.

And what an excellent drive by Felipe Massa after stalling the engine on the first start, coming from dead last to finish 5th as well as running in the lead briefly during pit stops.

And did I hear the announcers correctly? Honda brought LAST year’s car to the British GP in hopes of securing some further desperately needed points. Yet “Super Best Friends” still is ahead of Big Brother Honda F1 in the Constructor’s championship.

So Kimi Raikkonen has now surpassed everyone while becoming this year’s first three race winner, while McLaren still leads both the Driver & Constructor’s championships. But as Peter Windsor so politely pointed out. Kimi rained upon Hamilton’s parade, which will hopefully take a little edge off of the Lewis Lunacy?

One race down, one left to go… As next in the queue is the Toronto Champ Car race…