Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bernie bashes Brits

Does Mr. Muppet ever stop? I mean first the continuous slams towards the numerous American Formula 1 Tiafosi. Stating that F1 doesn’t need to be in the US, and there are many more important countries to be racing in. (Which to Emperor Bernardo all I can say is “Go Fuck yourself!”)

And while we wait for an announcement from Tony George upon the fait of whether or not F1 returns to Indianapolis next year. Messer E. is busy juggling barbs at all various venues with contracts reaching their end. As now Bernie has taken to task the British Government by crying for their financial assistance to keep the venerable Silverstone event on the calendar.

With Ecclestone claiming that if Britain is willing to drop several billion pounds to host the Olympics, then a further quarter billion pounds to pay for Silverstone renovations should be hardly noticeable to the countries coffers!

Which makes me think of another temporary street circuit that was wiped off of the map in order to make way for the Olympics. Hey Vancouver, BC. Hope you get your money out of those Winter Games after scuttling one of Champ Cars most successful events…