Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Penguin strikes again

Holy Icebergs Batman! As I’m still Dumbfounded that the irresistibly benevolent T-Rexx better known as Emperor Bernardo pulled the plug on the USGP!!!

And although I’ve finished my video tape of the previous events “Just-in-Time” for this weekend’s race action. I have still not had nearly enough time to scour the internets in search for the scuttlebutt upon Mr. Muppet’s going for the green. Can you say Dinero? As apparently Bernie’s coffers aren’t full enough…

And with NO disrespect towards the new Formula 1 calendar events for 2008, I sincerely hope that they get their money’s worth upon paying thru the stratosphere to Ecclestone. Who’ll undoubtedly be crying all the way to the bank… Crocodile tears that is as the “Penguin’ flaps his arms feverishly in search of another continent to plunder. Now that three major nations have been scuttled from their rightful place on the Grand Prix stage. With France, Italy and the United States all missing next year!

Meanwhile the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has begun construction work upon the new 16 turn Moto GP track improvements which will see the 800cc “Scooters” circulating counter-clockwise like the oval events do. As it’s speculated that the two wheel machines will possibly hit 215mph on the straightaway! And the new road course will be able to host Formula 1 if Messer Bernardo so desires to come back again?