Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Calling Dudley Duwright

So I’ve finished watching the tape of the Mont-Tremblant Champ Car race which was pretty entertaining. I mean when is the last time that the Pole sitter was unable to fire his engine and not take the start of a Champ Car race? Unfortunately this is exactly what happened to Pole debutant Tristan Gommendy who was sidelined with electrical gremlins for two laps. And then on Champ Car’s third standing start, Will Power who had the front row to himself stalled. As well as his Team Aussie teammate, along with Jan “Van Hagar” Heylen.

Thus it appeared that it would become a pretty boring processional with the Hamburgalur leading once again. Yet as Robin Miller said. About 30 laps in we need a little rain to make it interesting… And Walla. The track was half wet/half dry. As I laughed gleefully when Sea Bass went slithering off track upon being the first to find the “slippery liquids.” (Rain fall)

And I think that Alex Tagliani’s Wall$mart du Canada WON the Ricky Boy sponsor shout-out sweepstakes this race… Although it’s always hard to tell who Mr. Rick calls out most.

Apparently the place NOT to be was in the lead of this race, as several drivers held the point briefly. Bourdais led until hitting the wet stuff. Robert Doornbos took a brief turn before his car got a little too squirrelly. Justin Wilson ran up front in the rain before getting it all wrong. This saw rookie Graham Rahal leading on perfectly planned pit strategy before the “Lucas Lectric’s” got the better of him. Thus handing the lead to rookie Simon Pagenaud before he made a slight bobble into a corner handing the lead back to Doornbos. With a total of seven lead changes.

And if you think the only rookie Open Wheel driver who’s having a phenomenal season is young Lewis Hamilton, think again. Ex Red Bull F1 driver Doornbos scored his fifth podium in six starts while holding off Bourdais to score his maiden Champ Car victory.

And I had to immediately mute the remote as Seb started WHINING! So I was quite happy to hear that the French Canadian crowd started BOOING Bourdais upon hearing his crying ‘bout Doornbos blocking him…

As Jon Beekhuis called him, “Bad Bobby D.” Hit the nail on the head, upon telling Bourdais he’ll be seeing a lot more blocking in Formula 1! So you’d better get used to it Sebastian.

And Paul Tracy had an eventful day, trying to use the Chrome Horn once again. Having to start dead last after wrecking his primary car in the morning’s warm up session. Yet it was not to be as PT hand grenaded his T-Car’s lump.

The Team Aussie duo of Power and Pagenaud recovered quite nicely to finish third and fourth respectively, with Justin Wilson rounding out the top five. Doornbo’s victory sees him tied with Bourdais for the Championship lead. Wouldn’t it be funny if Paul Stoddart’s Team Minardi USA was the team to end the Hamburgular’s title streak?

Robin Miller’s: This Ain’t your Grand Pappy’s Minardi