Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thailand Express

We’re on the train to Bankok… Err, the “super Slab” back to Seattle after a rip roarin two day’s RUSH-Athon!
Damn, time once again to get back to the drawing board, so to speak. As I’ve just seen RUSH twice this weekend. NO!!! It weren’t NO STINKIN’ Rush Lin-BLAH!!! It was the AMAZING Canadian Power Trio Rush. As I’ve still got the utterly FANTASTIC sounds ‘O The ringing in my head from attending two concerts back-to-back at Auburn and Vancouver, WA.

With the crooning of Geddy Lee’s signature voice and amazing bass playing, Alex Lifeson’s awesome guitar riffs accompanied by the virtuoso “Professor” on his multiple drum kits… NOT to be confused with the original Professor Alain Prost. Neil Peart Rush’s divine lyricist and drum player extraordinaire… As ALWAYS!!! This is one Rock concert NOT to miss…

While playing in the sun, wind, rain, etc. I’ve once again fallen behind on this weekend’s racing events. While leaving them to be recorded on the trusty ‘ole VCR. So hopefully I’ve managed to set the timer right and will be able to shortly view these events courtesy of the Memorex, prior to scribbling my thoughts about the Formula 1 and Champ Car races…

Although I can still hear Geddy’s voice singing in my head, the local media hasn’t printed their concert reviews yet. So I borrowed a previous review which was pretty much in line with the two shows I saw. And as Geddy sez.

“We can only go the way the wind blows…”

Concert Review