Thursday, July 19, 2007

Schuey Day Trippin?

Previous to winging his way towards Monnocoe where the proverbial SHIT hit the fan over Ferrari’s disastrous race weekend earlier this season. Michael Schumacher was spotted tooling around Germany.

Yet a sighting of a Ferrari circulating around the Nurburgring is not exactly newsworthy. Except as David Hobbs would often tells his colleague Professor Matchett. You must have Eyes like a proverbial Rat!

As some sharp eyed observer noticed that the pilot of said Ferrari circulating the Nordschleife was none other than Herr Schumacher.

And while young German F1 hopeful Winklehock is busy making his Grand Prix debut, Schuey will be on hand for the dedicating of his brand new grandstand at the Nurburgring this weekend…