Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stepney-gate rolls on

And while I’m still catching my breath upon watching the wild Nurburgring race… It appears that the mud slinging is getting waste deep in regards to the made for prime time industrial espionage who dunnit! I mean what better way to slow your major competitor in the title fight by constantly leaking tidbits to the Italian media?

As new rumours suggest that three top “senior” McLaren personnel were approached by Mike Coughlan while having the said 780 odd top secret Ferrari technical documents in possession… Apparently neither Stepney nor Coughlan are willing to go down alone quietly! By taking one for the team and simply falling on their swords.

Much may be or NOT! Revealed upon this Thursday’s World Council meeting with the two dueling Constructors. Well actually just McLaren will be summoned before the FIA tribunal. With Ron Dennis firmly claiming McLaren’s innocence.

Quick! Somebody pass me the Kleenex…