Thursday, July 19, 2007

Canadian Thunder

WOW! Another WET ‘N Wooly Champ Car race in Canada… If I didn’t know better I’d think it always rains in Canada too? So take that Seattle. And unlike RASSCAR which melts in the rain… The Open Wheel warriors simply strapped on Bridgestone full wet’s and put their welly into going quick!

Well everybody except Speedy Dry Dan Clarke that is. As the overconfident Englishman thought he could drive with slicks on ice, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

As it was total mayhem on lap one upon Mr. Excitement, Paul Tracy getting a front wing stuck under his nose, which ultimately lodged underneath the chassis. Causing PT to loose control of his steering and walloping the wall at 150mph, causing a multiple car collision behind him.

Refreshingly we had a new leader up front, with Oriel Servia having gotten the better of the front row of the Hamburgular and Justin Wilson. Yep, Sea Bass was on pole once again… But Servia would lead convincingly for the first 34 laps before it went all wrong.

And did I mention that it rained? As this is when all of the fun on track began, with various competitors finding the slippery liquids caused by precipitation. After a few full cautions and various pit strategies. We were treated to having Ryan Dalziel leading his very first Champ Car race. And as Mr. Rick said in-between multiple sponsor shout-outs. Dalziel is used to driving in the rain being from Scotland. Now all he’s waiting for is the fog to roll in!

But what the HELL! Is Ricky Boy doing telling us who won the Formula 1 race while most of us had NOT seen the race since it was going head to head with Champ Car... Smooth Move Benji!

But it wasn’t to last as first Will Power passed the Scotsman, before Wilson uncharacteristically bumper cared his way around D. for third place. This was after Justin had unsuccessfully attempted dive bombing his arch nemesis Bourdais earlier in the race.

And it was pretty funny to watch how many drivers attempted bowling over the brazen Hamburgular, with rookie teammate Graham Rahal even taking a swipe. Yet I found myself laughing out loud when the two points leading protagonists Bourdais and “Bad Bobby D” (Robert Doornbos) collided during the final moments of the race. Ensuring Team Aussie’s Power his second victory of the season. With Power’s post race comments fitting, as he said “Sock it too them!”