Wednesday, July 11, 2007

IRL Should Hire Hornish Sr.

They have tried everything from Jason Priestly to John Mellenkamp to Gene Simmons and failed miserably each time. Perhaps it is time for Tony George to see the writing on the wall and hire the one man who brought some sizzle in to his lifeless series this past weekend at Watkins Glen and let him patrol the pits every race looking for someone to step out of line so he can shall we say, push the issue. You betcha, I am talking about Sam Hornish Sr who looked like famed wrestler Bruno Sammartino in the pits at Watkins Glen last Sunday as he gave TK a love tap to remember Sam Jr by as he flees to NASCAR. Just what the IRL needed to create a buzz you say? Put some breath in to a series on life support right? Well maybe, but the real debacle here is the IRL needs something to happen ON THE TRACK as well and the show lacked in that department greatly. A historic venue such as Watkins Glen generally provides for some great racing and that just was not the case for TG and company at this famed course. The racing itself did not come close to being as competitive and exciting as the annual Nascar event usually is and that is being kind. Before you hang Hornish Sr for his bad behavior, lets look at the marketing opportunity the IRL has here. You can sell Sam Sr action figures to the kids and plaster his menacing image on soda cups and tee shirts as well. In a race that put me to sleep more than once, Hornish Sr gave me hope for the next IRL event in Nashville. Hopefully TG will have the good sense to restore his credential and give him a nightstick so he can roam the pits and bop any driver that exceeds the posted pit lane speed limit. I mean would that not be more exciting that a stop and go penalty? Got a drunk in the stands who will not sit down? No problem as Sr will go up there and give the guy a choice between sitting down or getting smacked around before being yanked out of the stands. Hey these are dangerous time we live in and we need to know there is a man tough as nails at the track who can keep the peace in exchange for an all access credential and a twenty two ounce beer. So all you good people in Nashville head out to the race this weekend (All 1,500 of you) and relax as Sgt Hornish will be on patrol all weekend at the track. TG, you better sign him long term before Vince McMahon does.