Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Perhaps Tony really should hire Hornish Sr.

Otay, I’ll admit that I missed out on the fisticuffs as I was somewhere in the high desert plains of Terry, Montana. Hey they got cactus there…

So I didn’t get to see the lowlights, err… Highlights ‘O Hornish Sr. doing his best Lou Ferigno Incredible Hulk impersonation at Watkins Glen. Yet from the sounds of the newswire. Hornish Sr. doesn’t hold a candle to “Sugar Ray” Tracy…

Then again as Danny B so profoundly pointed out, (in IRL Should Hire Hornish Sr.) this is exactly what the IRL could use while in search of a more mainstream pitchman than Geme “I AM INDY” Simmons. Aw shucks! What NO Princess in the shoving match?

You can see all of the chest thumping action via the U-Tube video link Danny B has provided me. See: Hornish Sr. shoves TK

Time to watch the Silverstone race…

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