Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rumour du Jour

In case you haven’t noticed. I enjoy the rantings of a certain Open Wheel reporter. So I’ll admit it… I’m a Robin Miller fan, which means I look forward to each weekend’s SPEED news programs in hopes of seeing the gift ‘O gab… As I enjoy getting the story straight from the Horse’s…

And Miller was chock full ‘O speculation on Wind Tunnel Sunday night, having done the Open Wheel double, Richmond and Mont-Tremblant. As Dave Despain noted he’d wracked up his air miles last weekend.

Despain wanted to know what happened to Miller’s main squeeze Milka Duno. Or as Danny B originally called her “Milk ‘N Doughnuts.” As apparently her CITGO sponsored car got plenty of air time whenever the leaders passed her before simply disappearing. As Miller said, the IRL finally got wise and parked her. Although Duno said her wrist was hurting her. Miller retorted… Probably from waving EVERYBODY By! As she almost caused 40 wrecks in 45 laps. I saw her team owner in the airport this morning. And he wasn’t drinking, but he should be…

Despain then wanted to jump into the Silly Season rumour mill. Miller started off by saying that Sam Hornish Jr. is gone from Indy Car and will replace Curt Busch’s teammate next year in RASSCAR. Ryan Newman is tired of loosing and is down the road. So who will take one of the IRL’s premiere seats? Miller noted that Tony Kanaan is fairly unhappy at Andretti Green Racing and Miller’s spies said that TK had been spotted having a 1 hour chat with the Captain. So perhaps TK and Spiderman will have to patch up their relationship sooner than planned?

And I enjoyed the part of Miller stating that he’d gotten his Montoya leaving RASSCAR early story wrong. Doing a bad “Cheep” Ganassi impersonation… See Miller, Montoya won and you don’t know what the HELL you’re talking ‘bout… To which Robin snorted. You heard it here first Kids! Monty will quit Nextel Cup to join the World ‘O Outlaws this September…

And while P.L. Newman and Carl Haas would be happy to have Marco Andretti as Bourdais’s replacement, Miller’s pretty sure that both Poppa Mikey and the IRL won’t let that happen. So Robin said why not Justin Wilson? Who apparently is eager to get out of RSports with his CDW sponsorship!

If Dario wins the Indy Car title this year will he gracefully retire to go run the American Le Mans Series with the Indy 500 as a one-off?

And Dan Wheldon wants to go where the bleachers are full every weekend… You know, Moto GP! Err, RASSCAR. Will Ganassi partner the feisty Brit with MAC Montoya?

And note to Despain… While YES you’re a shill… NOT for Champ Car or the IRL. You’re a SHILL for RASSCAR!!!