Friday, July 6, 2007

From Modena with love

In another made for TV mystery theater who dunnit… You know those types ripped straight from the headlines and then neatly solved in an hour. The ever continuing saga of the Scuderia’s “Stepney Gate” seems to have taken a new twist.

In case you haven’t heard, McLaren has put a senior technical staff member on suspension for allegations of receiving “Top Secret” documents from one of its competitors.

This is believed to involve the ongoing Nigel Stepney court proceedings that Ferrari has taken against the former employee.
Quietly and without fanfare. The Prancing Horse has given Nigel Stepney his walking papers. Simply noting that the long serving Englishman is no longer in the employ of Ferrari.

Meanwhile the spotlight seems to now be focused squarely upon McLaren, which is cooperating fully with the FIA and Italian authorities. Hmm? Ron Dennis on the brink ‘O tears while being investigated for the second time this season by the FIA!