Monday, July 23, 2007

Champ Car staff changes

As I’ve been busy gallivanting about the countryside. OTAY! DON’T everyone feel sorry for me at once… And still being “Old School” with limited recording time via my VCR, I’ve had to skip the past few weeks of various SPEED TV programming in order to attempt keeping up with the dueling Open Wheel racing series.

Therefore I’ve missed the latest rantings of the ‘ol Windbag himself (Dave Despain) as well as the satire ‘O Robin Miller. Nor have I had time to read the various scribblings of my foremost news sources… Aw Shucks, Doesn’t everybody still feel sorry for me?

Any Hoo… I managed to miss the following story by Messer Miller on the realignment of Champ Car management, which I’ll simply provide the following link to Derrick Walker’s reply: Walker responds