Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Outfoxing the competition?

And although I’m suspect of Tony G’s hometown paper, The Indy Star. Nevertheless they claim that the IRL had a 1.1 share vs. Champ Car’s .06 share in the Nielsen ratings during June 24th,s “Mano E Mano” race day TV coverage. (Cleveland vs. Iowa) See Hard Rock vs. Corn

Which makes me wonder what this past weekend’s ratings will be between F1 and Nextel Cup? As it seems a bit funny for the F1 circus to get the mainstream channel vs. cable. Although I found myself jumping over to the Champ Car race during commercial breaks in the later stages of the F1 race. As Champ Car was on ABC’s Family ‘O Networks “premiere” cable outlet ESPN.

But I’ll eave the explanations of what the Nielsen share ratings mean to Indiana Bureau Chief and SPEED TV Lightning Rod bearer Danny B, as it doesn’t mean “JACK” to me.

Meanwhile as Tony George publicly continues his “Sand in the Line’ rhetoric of holding a deadline of July 12th over Emperor Bernardo’s head. HA-HA- HA- HA- HA!!! Good “Juan” Tony… Rumours claim that Mr. Muppet spent the days preceding the French GP in Los Vegas trolling the Wynn Casino over a possible return to the streets ‘O “Los Wages…” Which held a pathetic little ‘ole Grand Prix in the Caesar’s Palace parking lot 25 years ago.

Yet Robin Miller has reported that George & Co. have already secured their fallback plan, by reportedly having inked a deal for Moto GP to compete on Indy’s road course beginning in 2008. And I for one would be willing to see the creme de la creme of Scooter’s racing at the Brickyard. After all, the Moto GP 2 wheelers are the Formula 1 of Motorcycling!