Thursday, March 1, 2018

When TV Announcers Matter!

In this ever changing world, where TV Networks and Sporting Franchises simply look to keep up with the public's turning away from traditional Cable TV.

In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle; Whale' GOLL-LEEEEEEE! Uhm, perhaps if such Cable TV behemoths like my comca$t Cable TV service QUIT raising their prices incessantly, than may be people would quit Dumping their Overpriced Television service, Yuhs think?

Although I've long since come to understand that I'm in an infinitesimal minority, i.e.; Blind & Visually Impaired TV Viewers... Which NOBODY gives a Tinkers Damn 'bout!

Nonetheless, as I've mentioned before, Hearing the voices who call the action is my most prevalent issue regarding a good or bad television broadcast.

And say it AIN'T so, but with Liberty Media's Cost Cutting Shenanigans, not to mention not only Dumbing Down the F1 Broadcasts, with their switching to Sky Sports regurgitated here Stateside...

Not to mention presumably positioning themselves to introduce Paywall F1 Broadcasting here in Americre'; And here I thought Liberty Media was trying to grow the sport of Formula 1...

Ever since the NBC Sports Formula 1 Band's Broken Up, Whale' Not really... But I have wondered where 'Ol Professor Matchett would land? Off 'N on for several weeks now.

As we knew via NBC Sports final F1 Broadcast at Abu Dhabi, remember that? 'Ol Hobbo', nee David Hobbs was retiring outright after 40yrs of various TV positions. Since I do recall him as a roving Pitlane reporter during the DayToner 500's for CBS.

As HobbsCapp' mused how he'd be watching Leigh Diffey calling the Winter Olympics, just leaving Steve Matchett's plans unannounced.

As I'm ARSE-Sumin' this means Messer Diffey will return to his role as lead announcer for the entire 2018 IndyCar season; HURRAH!

Alas, I finally couldn't stand it anymore when discussing the upcoming Formula 1 season's TV Network's switch and decided to gOOgle 'Ol Professor Matchett's name.

and Shuhzamm! I was certainly surprised to read that he's joining Formula E; CRIKEYS! And will be alongside Bob Varsha, my Numero Uno Racing Broadcaster, and his Sidekick Dario REO Speedwagon' Franchitti.

Holy Silent Racecars Batman!

Gulp! I might just have to start watching; Err listening to Fox's Formula E Broadcasts; YIKES! As I'll definitely give 'em a try since they'll have two of the best voices on TV!

Can you Hear Me Now Mr. Brickity Bratches? And Yuhs too Chevy Chase, since I can make changes too; Kapishe!