Friday, March 23, 2018

F1:2018 Season Kicks Off Down Under'

Once again, the Red Bulls have gone into "Stealth Mode" in order to hopefully sneak past the dominant Silver Arrows and Speedier Prancing Horses. (Image source:
Hurrah, it's time to G-O Racing. But will it be another Boring year of The Lewis Show? Yuhs know, Wake up 'N see Hamilton lead from Pole. G-O to Sleep, then Wake up for the Finish and See Golden Child' Win again. Rinse, lather, 'N Repeat; SNORE!

Funny, but this year I've been way More excited 'bout the Indy Cars season kicking off due to the Mega influx of new Drivers and a New Universal Aero Kit (UAK18) for which, although I cannot SEE I-T! It definitely sounds far more appealing than this year's Formula 1 Crapwagons! As stick that in your Pipe and Smoke It Monsieur Todt!

Whilst after the Wild 'N Wooly St Pete Season Opening weekend's events, i.e.; Qualie' & Race, Formula 1 will be Hard pressed to peg my interest meter. Not to mention having never given "Thee Young Wicky," aka Robert Wickens a proper chance!

for which at least Eddie "the Mouth!" Cheever correctly pointed out during the St Pete IndyCar race; Yuhs only become a Mercedes Factory Driver by Invitation...

As I'll try refraining from commenting upon Halo, which as we All know, has radically affected this year's F1 chassis designs. For which Y'all can check out who's Duh Purdiest' 2018 F1 Chassis of All? As colour me Pink; Hya!

Meanwhile the FIA's trying to instill more passing attempts by instructing Pirelli to expand their tyre compound range, now featuring seven different types 'O rubber...

While I'm not sure who instigated the Rules Clarification, but the FIA has now amended/updated; Err clarified their intentions regarding customer PU (Power Unit) supply Deals offer the same performance levels as the Works Teams - Unless the Customer acknowledges not wishing for similar equipment parity.

While this year's grid features only two Bonafied Rookies, with startlingly different pedigrees. As one's a multi Feeder Series Champion, including last year's FIA Formula 2 Championship. While the other, Uhm; Whale' let's just say he's bringing lots of Rubles, shall we? Oh Never Mind!

While lastly, although Nobody's addressing the potential "Elephant in the Room," as I'd still dearly like to have somebody explain how a Driver will "Shimmy" down the nose of his car in the case of a KERS/ERS Failure, a la like thee "Incredible Hulkster" *Nico Hulkenberg) suffered last year at Mexico City, ci!

As Pierre Gasley seemingly brought this delicate matter to light during recent Pre-season testing when tearing his Firesuit multiple times upon his Halo contraption whilst ingressing-egressing his Toro Rosso chassis. And that was while NOT even trying to get in/out quickly! (And that's before Valtteri Bottas admitted publicly it takes a further 3-4 seconds to extricate oneself from the cockpit now...)

Ah, But Don't Worry, Be Happy Y'all! It's time to G-O Racing Down Under at Bloody Albert Park in Oz'

As Don't forget for those of us Stateside. Formula 1's pathetic Television coverage moves to ABC & ESPN/ESPN2 this year, for which Y'all can catch Qualifying tonight on ESPN2, March 23 at 11PM Pacific. With the Race airing Saturday at 10PM Pacific, March 24th, preceded by a half hour Pre-race show at 9:30PM. (Pacific)

But Don't Blink, or you'll Miss IT!

Since it appears that the "live" Terrestrial TV coverage is shrunken by 50%, with NO Replays or "live" (Free Practice) FP2 television airing...