Saturday, March 10, 2018

INDYCAR: 2018 Season Tech Tidbits

But Inquiring Minds wanna know who will be the Series Champion...

Just a few, quick items from Racer magazine that caught thou Attenzione. As I cannot recall before an entire Grid rundown on who's the Drivers Engineers were, which naturally, are an integral part of the IndyCar Series championship winning equation, for which Hardcore enthusiasts follow.

While we All wait anxiously to see how the new 2018 Universal Aero Kit (UAK18) common Dallara DW12 Bodywork effects "The Show!" And which of the 20 Somme-thun' Driver-Engineer-Strategist and racing Teams figure out the nuances of the UAK18 the quickest. Which could give them a leg up upon thou Competizione.

And lastly, even though as a Blind person I cannot SEE 'em, apparently the side panel displays which give the average fan a dearth 'O information, i.e.; Pit stop duration, race position, P2P usage, etc, are now "New & Improved."