Saturday, March 17, 2018

AUTOS: Thoughts of Art Cars and Cuts 'O Meat Collide with Corn Beef and Green beer...

When A legendary BMW "Batmobile" gets upgraded with Rolls Royce Aircraft power! (The Tomaso Collection)
As pass Der Wiener schnitzel; Ja-Ja! Oopsadaisy, think we're supposed to be devouring some 'lil green potatoes or Somme-thun' Irish today, Eh?

Per Tipicali, when perusing Car and Driver magazine via thou NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service late one Sleepless Night in Nofendersville; Ja-Ja!

I happened upon a story that made me think of multiple connections regarding that 'lil Bavarian marque I seem to enjoy far more than its arch nemesis Mercedes.

As the article's 'bout some Diehard     Bimmer Fanaticoe' who's built his very own Batmobile tribute Restomod'; NO! Not thee Batmobile 'O Bruce Wayne Y'all, but instead BMW's iconic CSL racers of the past.

While it's funny, that now that I cannot S-E-E 'em, I've got such a Hunkerin' for them! Although I suppose a Wee Bitamyte' of why I know so little 'bout the various winning Bavarian Motor Werks Sports Cars of past is since they flew by me before my serious affliction to Motor Racing consumed me; Ja-Ja!

Whilst this momentary thirst for Bavarian Art Cars continued on with BMW appropriately trottin' out its latest racing canvas...

Porsche's legendary 917 Pink Pig. (Image source:
Meanwhile, arguably the most famous German marque in Sports Car racing, hailing from Stuttgart, also has a few of its own "Art Cars," albeit theirs are more synonymous for Thar iconic livery hues, for which winning surely helps their brand recognition; Ja Volt!

And whilst the most striking liveries revolve around Oil 'N Alcohol, or is that "Diesel and Dust?" Hya! With Gulf Oil's livery being seared into Thy Cranium Cinematically... The Martini cars are just known for their regal splendour.

But Porsche also had fun with the evocative 917/20 "Pink Pig" coupe - Decadently displaying various cuts 'O meat upon its various body panels. While how could I forget the famous Porsche 935/78 "Moby dick!"

Thus, in ever present cagey marketing ploy, by tugging at our vintage Heartstrings, somebody at Weissach has cleverly decided to roll out Der Barrel; Uhm, a quintet 'O modern day Porsche's resplendent in past iconic liveries.

Speaking 'O Der Bratwurst 'N Sauerkraut; Err vintage cuts 'O Meat. Yeah, suppose I shouldn't have had that last green Adult beverage; Hya!

Alas, was it before or after I listened to the Batmobile Restomod tribute story, that I was Ah-taken' by another piece 'bout Stuttgart casting about for one of its original 911 Panzerwagons, as the German Tuner Firm RUF had flaunted the fact they had one whilst the Factory didn't; Schnell, Schnell!

As I suppose it'll be a Wee Bitamyte' ironic if either BMW or Porsche's latest Tintop racecar iterations win either of the (GT) Grand Touring classes this year at Sebring. As what better way to celebrate a Holiday, than with a 'lil motor racing; Ja-Ja!

Happy St Patty's Day, Y'all!

(BMW "CSL Art Car" Photo c/o JD' Images)