Friday, March 2, 2018

Carey says U.S. Fans Must Change...

Will U.S. Formula 1 Fans flock in Droves to the New TV Coverage? Or Turn Away in Masses like this year's Daytona 500 experienced. (The Tomaso Collection)
Meet the New Boss, same as the 'Ol Boss; We Won't Get Fooled Again...

"My, Oh, My!" Uhm, guess the Honeymoon's Over, eh? As what happened to Liberty Media's Broad Brush Strokes regarding Caring about The Fans, Honest; chirp-Chirp; Bueller?

As the Grandiose, Capitalistic Face of Formula 1, thou esteemed mustachioed "Chevy Chase;" Err Chase Carey has dug in his Heels, by denoting how us Fans Must Change; Ja Volt!

We Have Ways of Making you Watch our TV Broadcasts!

As why is Chase's demeanour making me think of that 'Ol, Wistful song Somewheres' Down the Crazy River? I said Son, you're gonna learn to LUV' IT, by Gummit!

As sadly, when Liberty Media had the opportunity to continue growing the sport of Formula 1 here in Americre', they wasted a reported $12m on the USGP last year! For which All I heard differently was "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!"

Yet instead Carey and his Cronies "Brickety Bratches" went the CHEAP route with Thar watered down F1 TV coverage for 2018. For which I DON'T see how this will grow the sport Stateside in the least.

Or in the words of the great HobbsCapp', aka David Hobbs: El Cheapo Suito!

And lastly, I suppose I should have been careful of what I wished for, Eh? As I grew increasingly tired of NBC Sports laconic treatment towards tossing Formula 1 airings willy-nilly, not to mention those Sliced 'N diced, Nipped & Tucked brought to us by Ghinzu Knifes replays!

but I cannot sum up how disappointed I am with Liberty Media's new television partner's choice any more succinctly than 'Ol Statmann Caruthers' did in a recent Statmann Skatt! Where he rightly points out Thars' Turbulence Ahead!