Friday, March 9, 2018

It's Almost Time for Indy Cars to race...

Can the driver Marshall Pruett nicknamed Sealmaster Bourdais during Spring Training defend his 2017 St Pete win aboard the new #18 Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser Sullivan ride? (Image source:
Hallelujah! It's only been Bloody 289 Days since the 2017 IndyCar season wrapped up at Sleepy Hollow in Sonoma, CA last September...

Yet in the immortal words of my Numero Uno motor racing Announcer Bob Varsha: Before You can Race, You need to Qualify! Err, or wasn't it Somme-thun' like Before you Finish First. First You Must Finish!

And in other nods to the past. Hey, can Yuhs tell I've spent way too mucho time poondin' out riveting No Fenders BLOB' stories before a well needed respite from Thy Keyboard this past weekend in The Valley of The Sun!

Especially enjoying getting outta Seattle, where we've been blanketed in a Blizzard 'O Downright Cold, Uhm Freezing, Frigid Snowy weather for weeks now! As it's some 30 degrees warmer in Phoenix; but I digress...

Thus as Good 'Ol Darren Dangermouse' Manning would say: "I'm Totally Knackered!" For which his then boss, Ye 'Ol SuperTex' wasn't very impressed by!

And Speaking 'O Anthony Joseph Foyt, Jr and his 'lil ABC Supply Racing' team... It just AIn'T right that Conor Daly's not on the IndyCar grid this year. Although I understand the need behind Pay Driver's; Oh Never Mind!

But seriously, this is one Driver Indy Cars needs on its grid if it wishes to keep building it's Fan base!

Since although I totally applaud the Mega' influx of new talent, I cannot somehow feel a 'lil bit how it reminds Mwah of those revolving Dazes when thou Chump Carz' World turns!

While hopefully Conor can at least find some small solace with a "One-Off" ride at Mother Speedway this May...

And hopefully the ABC Telecast will be better than its usual Saline Drip Nyquil Sleep inducing Coma parity! Whilst you can peruse the entire field lineup in: IndyCar Grid

As the race's TV Broadcast is on ABC and scheduled for 9:30AM Pacific; but DON'T forget to Spring Forward 1hr Saturday Night!