Sunday, March 25, 2018

F1: Liberty Media's "New & Improved" Formula 1 TV Coverage suffers Turf-Toe Down Under'

Crikeys Mates, those sure are Funny soundin' Sportscasters!

Otay, so it's a New Ballgame, but I for one, wasn't overly impressed by the "New & Improved" Sky Sports F1 TV coverage we were shown here Stateside...

As the Biggest Blunder of the weekend had to be the Safety Blitz thrown upon us All Ah-waitin' eagerly the Pre-race Show; Hut-Hut, Omaha!

Having tuned into the appropriate ESPN2 TV Channel upon my Obscenely Overpriced comca$t Cable TV service some 10mins early, after having gotten Sacked the night before with the Wacky 10:55PM Pacific Qualie' Show's start time. I waited 'N waited with the sound Muted, as the Pundits were All Ah-blather' over Stick 'N Ball Sports; BARF!

Then I just sat there smirking incredulously as 9:30PM Pacific came 'N went. As Thar weren't even any Tweedy Birds piped in onto Thy Telescreen! As the picture of Albert Park was Frozen in Perpetuity between 9:30-32PM.

Then a hurriedly called Audible saw a single BMW Commercial shown, with minimal gain.

Returning to the Huddle, the Camera Eye showed various pictures of Royal Albert Park's grounds, with just various sundry background noises only, including the whir of ratchets...

Next, the Offensive Coordinator called for another raft 'O Commercials for 4mins with No Huddles! With the On-the-Grid F1 Programme getting Sacked!

Next, the Home team Blindly tried switching the play at the line to NO avail, as not even could the Referee's whistle be heard, just more Crickets and then;; SPEW! At 9:38PM Pacific Some Stick 'N Ball TV Announcers Screamed Welcome to E60; Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!

Then around 9:53PM Pacific, from the other end 'O Tomaso Manor I heard the muted tones of Bagpipes; Huh? As I strolled out to the living room to hear Bagpipes playing some tune, which may or may not have been Waltzing Matilda? Since it was a Bagpipes only rendition playing a tribute for the departed Ron Walker, before the singing of the Australian National Anthem at 9:55PM Pacific...

And then suddenly we were hearing Martin BillyBob' Brundle & Nico Rosberg on the Grid, while somebody named Simon & Damon Hill Prattled on during the overly Disjointed Pre-race build-up.

And thanks to Liberty Media moving the race Start times to 10mins after the Hour, the lights didn't G-O Out 'til 10:13PM Pacific, which if you're gonna do this, then Bloody Hell! Give us the quarter of our racing Airtime lost on the back end of the programme; Buggers!

Although the Announcers; Err Presenters were fine, I found the entire race broadcast overly Disjointed and Sloppy! As the random weaving in 'N out in mid-sentence for the Obligatory Commercials Stateside seemed very Slipshod.

Not to mention I felt totally confused after coming back from Commercial No. 33 to hear that the lead of the race had changed; Huh? What Virtual Safety Car? And then the typical playing of Golden Child Whining on his In-Car radio to his Mercedes engineer; Boo-Hoo-Hoo, Poor Lewis!

And then as soon as Mark Handlebarz' Webber wrapped the Post-race Podium interview it was THUMP! As we were hit Blindside by a Safety Blitz' that simply took the air out of Kroftie' (David Kroft) mid-sentence!

Like All of us here Stateside, watching our first ever Sky sports F1 TV Broadcast knew who any of the Presenters, Commentators and Pundits were? As I only ever heard Kroft announce his and Brundle's name once during the entire night's Discombobulated broadcast...