Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Antron Brown on Excellence and His Mentor...

As it's a Sad state 'O Affairs that we've got to be constantly reminded that it's Black History month. For which the two men in the interview never specifically mention...

While the Spotlight's been firmly affixed upon Darrell "bubbah" Wallace, Junior's runner-up finish at this year's DayToner' 500, while driving for "The King!" which is a refreshing change for the sport of RASSCAR', especially after the way it and the Nation treated the late-Wendell Scott over a Half Century ago.

For which most ironically good 'Ol Richard Petty was the Pole sitter for that exact same race, which is designated as Round-3 of the 1964 Grand National Stock Car season, although it took place on December 3, 1963.

As Oh, My FREAKIN' GAWD! Not allowing Wendell his deserved right of standing atop the podium after winning the 1964 Jacksonville 200 for FEAR of him hugging the white female trophy presenters; SHIT!

As that sure Don't seem very Christian to Mwah, especially during thou Holiest 'O Months, besides Easter, Eh?

And Lewis Hamilton's getting ready to aim for doing the unthinkable, winning an Uber' rare fifth Formula 1 World Championship. Whilst Jann Mardenborough, the ex-Nissan Gamer turned racing driver carves out his niche in relative anonymity in Japan.

But the driver of this triumbrant I'm most impressed by is the one getting the least Fanfare for the moment, who's also a multi-times series winning champion. As his name's Antron Brown, who's won the NHRA's premiere Nitro Top Fuel Dragsters' Championship three times to date.

As Sadly, since after all it's the tail end of Black, or is it African American History month now? For which I tend to forget yearly. Antron recently sat down with "Statmann Caruthers" of Speed Freaks fame to discuss a wide range of topics.

It's a really good interview, which gives a small insight into just some of the challenges minority racing drivers, and their race have to endure and rise above in their daily walks 'O life...

While you may also be interested in another unknown Black American Adventurer named Dr. Samuel  Allen Counter, Jr. who I've previously scribbled 'bout here in No Fenders: