Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Blogger Blogger, Where Art Thoust, Horatio?

Yeah, suppose I stole that one from some nauseating TV commercial that ran itself into thou turf during the Super bowl; Fumble...

Ah, how refreshing. Upon returning home from California, I did my usual playin' Ketsup of Der Wurld de Motorsporten; Ja-Ja! Which includes perusing the few Bloggers I follow on a regular basis. Which sadly, on the IndyCar side 'O puddle is a scant three at the moment.

Thus, the refreshing part, Eh? Ah, we little people, nee Vurd Botchiers'; Err Keyboard Warriors, Uhm Bloggers enjoy seeing Thar names or website being acknowledged.

Hence I was surprised to find Geo. Phillips, whom I enjoy teasing 'bout being the elder Statesman of IndyCar Bloggers mention No Fenders for the first time ever on his Oil Pressure site; EUREKA! (Which I've been reading weekly since its inception...)

As the last time that Dirty Word Blogger came up was when George posted 'bout longtime Open Wheel Racing Journalist "Oreo," aka John Oreovicz fanning the flames Up North Eh! At last year's Toronto IndyCar race.

Alas, as I typed long form previously, I've seen; Err Uhm Heard a whole Helluva', Hey just like using 'Ol R's (Robin Miller) vernacular; but I digress...

AnyHoo, a lot of fine 'N entertaining Blog sites have gone thou way of the ubiquitous Front engine Roadster since I began bringing Y'all my cacophony 'O Wordsmithing here on No Fenders over 11yrs now; Aye Karumba!

As it seems an eternity now since Jeff Iannucci encouraged me to apply for a media credential at Mother Speedway's legendous' Media Center, which IMS granted thou...

Thus, I'm just giving a quick Shout-Out to the few fellow Bloggers I currently follow. Starting with George Phillips of Oilpressure fame, who I read weekly. Hey George, isn't it time for another Hilarious One Take Only with your "good Friend"  John McLallen; Hya!

And I can never get enough of the New Age "Digital Man;" Err Keyboard Maestro Jeff Iannucci's One Lap Down, which I believe translates to OLD, Righto Jeffie? Who's work I've enjoyed since his My Name is IRL Days.

I have begun reading Mike Silver’s The Pit Window, which George suggested, and also enjoy Mike Knapp's 15 Days in May, when he gets time to post something. With NO Disrespect intended towards any of the other IndyCar Bloggers Out Thar', for which Y'all can recommend by leaving a comment or contacting me...

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