Thursday, July 27, 2017

As The Blogger World Turns...

Isn't that the fearless Mr. Olson tirelessly poondin' away upon his trusty Smith Corolla typewriter in order to meet another Deadline? (Image source:
Who was that Masked Man behind The Keyboard in his Mum's Basement?

Although I continuously mention how I'm Drowning in The Sea 'O Synchronicity, I find some strange bit of Serendipity in a fellow Card Carrying member of the IndyCar Blogger Brigade spouting off 'bout the Non deplume Blogger.

As ironically on the day I'd originally intended to publish my previous post about one certain IndyCar Announcer, or is that Sportscaster?

Instead, I sat upon posting my opinion on said Sportscaster a 'lil while longer, asking for somebody's opinion on whether or not I was too critical?

Meanwhile, someone else in thou Blogosphere was scribbling 'bout the term Bloggers in general, and the apparent ruckus one fine ex-ESPN Motorsports Journalist named John Oreovicz was stirring up in Toronto, by having the audacity to mock his apparent plight upon having been sacked by ESPN earlier this year.

Yet this phenomenon, or topic isn't new, since it immediately made me Flashback to another Disjointed, put out-of-shape Journalist named Jeff Olson, then working for Racer Magazine, who took a meat cleaver to the then burgeoning ranks of us Vurd' Butchers Ja Volt! For which I penned my reply in the following No Fenders tome.

Hence after initially reading of Messer Olson's attack upon us Bloggers festering on Zed Internetz' via Jeff Iannucci's first IndyCar Blog, the long ago, now defunct My Name Is IRL, (before his short lived "syndicated" Gig' at Versus...) along with becoming a Card Carrying member of the short-lived UOWWBA, aka United Open Wheel Word Butchers Association.

Alas, with my immersion into the world of blogging, and the countless hours I've devoted to this passion of melding my love of Open Wheel Racing and  Writing, albeit by NO stretch of Thy imagination do I perceive Thyself as a Professional Writer or Journalist! I found myself gravitating towards Trackside with Cavin & Kevin for the first time ever to tune-into  Blogger Night Wayback in Twenty-oh-Nine; CRIKEYS!

Whilst I subsequently reported on the following 3rd annual year's Blogger Night's escapades in;

And then I actually participated on the eve of the fifth anniversary of Blogger Night on Trackside with Cavin & Kevin some five years ago; Aye Karumba!

Then sometime over a year ago, or was it two? For reasons unknown, My Confuzer' would no longer let me listen to Trackside with Kevin and Cavin, for which I've gone without ever since Blindly trying once again this May and Shuhzamm! It suddenly worked again, although I've decided to stick to not listening anymore; but I digress...

As I struggle somewhat internally to not take it personally that I've never garnered a Shout Out from some of the Bloggeratzi', who don't think I'm worthy, eh? Which I suppose is partly due to my virtual Cornucopia of subjects ranging from F1, Indy Cars to Sports Cars, Tintops and in-between, along with a healthy dose 'O non-related racing topics; Hya!

As the Blogging landscape's changed vastly over the nearly eleven FREAKIN' years I've poured my Heartz' out here in Nofendersville! As many good Blogs have sadly disappeared over the years.

As I especially miss the Brassiness 'O Meesh' at So Here's What I'm thinking! Along with Pressdog's Snarkiness... Whilst at least Jeff Iannucci's returned with his One Lap Down (O.L.D.) website...

 And whilst I still slightly bristle over Ralph Sheheen's tawdry jab of calling us Keyboard Warriors, and Jeff Olson's swipe at us Word Botcherers. Along with the apparent Blogger stigma good 'Ol Oreo's (John Oreovicz) reinvigorated.

Nonetheless, I still stick firmly to my longstanding belief I typed over nine bloody years ago. That seriously! IndyCar needs  every single bit of press coverage it can muster up, be that Journalists, Reporters or Egads! Us lowly Bloggers! At least the types that do NOT masquerade as anythingy' else!

While this phenomenon isn't exclusive to Indy Cars either, since my favourite journalist, thou Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward has lamented  plenty about the very same subject on his side of thee puddle, nee Formula 1, constantly lamenting over the cadre of Cut 'N Paste Reporters. 

Whilst that colossus Amazon has done the same thing to the world of writers and traditional publishing houses with the advent of "on Demand" Book publishing!

Thus, while I suppose I'm rambling once again, and definitely have exceeded the typical number 'O words, i.e.; word count Here! Whils  my sentence structure's probably not corect, not to mention my grammar et al; Hya!

My point is that surely Thars' room for A-L-L of us in Open Wheel Racing land and the World Wide Web thingy'.

As hopefully we'll all continue supporting the Blogosphere, along with checking out any of the new endeavours, as you can look for them at: The IndyCar Blogs

And lastly, don't know if it still exists? But as Jeffy' once wrote; Err posted, Uhm blogged: "Have You Hugged a Blogger Today?"