Friday, July 14, 2017

AUTOS: Bugatti names latest SuperCar after former Grands Prix Driver

But is this the wisest choice of Names? And is the irony of a French Automobile's Nameplate owned by the Germans only apparent to Mwah?

Continuing on with my la Femmes theme, for which I'd originally not planned on posting this story about the latest $3m Bugatti SuperCar, since its namesake will forever be tarnished in my eyes for his Dastardly deed done before my time!

You see, whenever I hear the name Louis Chiron, I immediately bristle over what I perceive to have been a huge  injustice towards the Opposite Sex, when the French Grands Prix Piloto', who's major claim to fame seems to being the oldest ever Grand Prix driver... Outed Helle Nice in 1949 by accusing her of being a Nazi collaborator, for which he never substantiated his claim which effectively ruined Helle Nice's career and life!

Helle Nice, whose real name was Mariette Hélène Delangle, may not have been virtuous, as she was prone to having romantic affairs with the likes of Philippe de Rothschild amongst other suitors. Monsieur Chiron certainly wasn't NO Choir Boy! Having had a ruinous affair with his major Benefactor Alfred Hoffman's wife Alice, who later married another racing driver named Rudolf Caracciola after her affair with Chiron ended her previous marriage in Divorce.

As it's a Tad bit macabre that Chiron's injustice still smolders so strongly for Mwah, especially since the French racing driver died before my baptism to Formula 1, although I've felt this angst for the past seven years, when originally publishing a No Fenders post titled St. James spearheads Femme Fatales Motorsports project. As Lyn St James is another Femme Fatale who's constantly fought for the advancement of Women in Motorsports.

As it's now been four years since I've paid any Attenzione to Mademoiselle Helle Nice, when I was updating the story which had Dead Links in it, when I ran across the news below.

Helle Nice Gravesite Marker
Ah, the Freakin’ Internetz... As I was searching in vain to remember how to ‘speel Helle Nice’s name, knowing I’d scribbled ‘bout her several times previously, I was a bit disappointed to find that my original St James Motorsports project story contained another "Dead" web link, having morphed forward to 2013 and hence left the original Helle Nice article toasted; URGH!

Yet whilst surfing thee all knowing world wide web thingy, I came across the following feel good story, about how this ex-dancer, poverty stricken and long forgotten female racer’s marker-less grave  oversight has since been corrected...