Monday, July 10, 2017

AUTOS: Bloodhound SSC making progress...

Ran across the following story in the London Telegraph's Cars section recently, for which I haven't heard any news about the Bloodhound SSC project in quite awhile, which is perceivably why the story's out Thar, eh?

Interestingly, as we approach the twenty-year anniversary of the current ultimate Land Speed Record setting achievement of ThrustSSC becoming the first jet powered vehicle to break the sound barrier on Terra Firma!

When RAF Wing Commander Andy Green steered the ThrustSSC to an unbelievable speed of 763.035mph on the Black Rock Desert of Nevada on October 15, 1997!

Two thoughts immediately spring to mind for Mwah, first that it's hard to believe 20yrs have screamed by. And secondly, this just seems to underline the immense amount 'O difficulties breaking an astronomical Land Speed Record incurs, i.e.; technically and financially, as Bloodhound SSC's target is the unthinkable "Ton," aka 1,000mph!

As those fortunate enough to trek to Cornwall this Fall, will be offered the opportunity to witness Bloodhound SSC's initial powered running in late October, (Oct 26-30) at the team's UK test site, the 1.7-mile runway at St Mawgan aerodrome...