Monday, July 24, 2017

Hearing the Voices that Call IndyCar races...

Quiet on the Set, the Show's about to Begin! (Image source:
What's that Scott Dixon adage? If Yuhs got nothin' good to say, then, Uhm, Decline the Interview...

As a fellow member of the fairly miniscule IndyCar Bloggeratzi say's, as a Blogger I'm allowed to rant 'n rave with my personal opinions instead of being all Squeaky Clean like the professional Journalists are supposed to be.

And in what's a bit of feeling like another  of this elder Blogger's vocabulary, i.e.; "Get Off My Lawn!" While we seem to typically be on the same wave lengths, I'm just overly tired of his raising the flag for our current IndyCar lead announcer, and Hence, if he's going to pummel us to death with advocating for someone, then I'm gonna finally break cover and weigh in with my two-cents worth, especially since I've been keeping mum on the topic for nearly a year...

Now Don't get me Wrong! I've got absolutely nothing personally against Kevin Lee, who's always answered my emails and even spoken to Mwah once on the Airwaves, when letting me participate on Trackside with Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee' during a past Blogger Night edition. Along with seeming to be a very nice person.

It's just that I don't believe he's the caliber of a lead announcer, as his voice gives me the creeps! Like fingernails screeching on a Blackboard! Especially when he gets excited, or trying to pump us U-P during the lead-in's and exit's to the countless commercial breaks.

Alas, perhaps I'm being too Harsh? But my viewing of Open wheel Racing is from a very distinct angle, since I'm visually impaired, Uhm what's that Mary Ellen? Oh yeah, I'm Freakin' Blind!

Thus basically I listen to motor racing when watching events on the Telie', and therefore the various Talking Heads tonal qualities are far more important to me in describing the action vs. the colour of their hair and what ties they're wearing...

Now am I a professional TV Personality? NO! Nor do I have a degree in Journalism, instead just having attended the School 'O Hard Knocks by having been an avid Open Wheel Racing Aficionado for the past three decades.

As a 'Wee lad, I was introduced to the Indianapolis 500 by the voices of ABC Wide World of Sports luminary Sportscasters Jim McKay and Chris Schenkel, having never heard the iconic Sid Collins.

Then when I began following formula 1 and IndyCar, nee CART intensely, the two mainstay lead announcers were Bob Varsha and Paul Page, as Varsha will always be my Numero Uno lead announcer! While I've also become quite fond of Indy Cars last dedicated Fulltime lead announcer Bob Jenkins, who understandably retired from TV Broadcasting, but is still a joy to hear on the PA System at Mother Speedway during the Month of May.

Thus, like my fellow Blogger, who's name I'm intentionally not mentioning here, I too believe that IndyCar needs a Fulltime, single dedicated lead announcer instead of the current revolving door policy, which seems partially intended to utilize contracted staff. But I just Don't think Kevin Lee's the right man for the job.

And while my first choice of the potential pool available would be Brian Till, this appears to not be an option, leading me to nominate Allen Best wick instead, who I believe is available now that ESPN let him go after Belle Isle's Double Header.

For years I've been purposely not tuning into the ABC portion of IndyCar races because I could NOT stand Eddie Cheever's Building block mentality with Scotty Somonex' Goodyear making me sleepy! Electing to listen to Mike "Yippee-Kai-Eh!" King and Davey Stud! Hamilton radio broadcasts instead.

And while I'm a big fan of Leigh Diffey's, this year's propensity of Formula 1 races occurring on IndyCar weekends has caused a scheduling nightmare for NBCSN, seeing Kevin filling-in for Diffey, causing me to revert back to listening to Mark Graveley' James & Davey Hamilton instead, when I'm able to spot the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny barely discernible Play triangle button on's Race Control webpage; but I digress...

As my main problem with Lee's voice is his feigned exuberance which comes off sounding overly Fake to me, spending countless hours mocking Kevin in a Bob Dylan Sing-song voice!

while my other critique is his dabbling into Formula 1, which he really comes across to me as just reading someone's script, as his gaff's seem overly large to Mwah, the last being completely missing Michael Schumacher's amazing 91 Grands Prix victory tally when gushing over Fernando Alonso at  Indianapolis - during his initial test outing.

Now do I want Kevin fired? Absolutely Not! As I find him to be a very competent Pitlane Reporter, who doesn't seem to scream as loudly as Michael Young does! But then again NOBODY DOES!

As I thought Kevin Lee may have settled down with his screechy exuberance when watching the 48min delayed airing of the tape-Delayed Toronto qualifying show on Peacock-lite Saturday.
Yet for reasons unknown, Kevin started shouting profusely over Simon Pagenaud being on Pole! Only Problema was it was the Fast-12 round preceding the Fast Six Shootout for Pole, which fortunately Pagenaud won.

As I'm resigned to the fact that apparently Kevin will become NBCSN's lead announcer for Indy Cars, especially since there will be 21 Grands Prix next year. For which I'd just like to say, why are you SCREAMING over Castroneves pass for the lead on Lap-1! As it was a great pass, but the race cannot be won on Lap-1, last time I watched a race.

As it's a weird struggle for Mwah, since my two favourite IndyCar voices are "Professor B," aka Jon Beekhuis who always does a stellar job on Pitlane. Along with PT', nee Paul Tracy in the booth, who I don't think ever screams!

But I really struggle listening to Kevin Lee, and have typically been defaulting to the IMS Radio Network's Internetz' coverage instead, since I can stomach Mark James far better, along with really enjoying Nicky Salt' Yeoman's reporting...

Yet by doing this, when I can SEE where the Bloody yellow-orangish on white background Play button is; Oh Never Mind! Is that I'm forced to forgo listening to Jon Beekhuis & Paul Tracy.

Along with the new Pitlane boy, "The Viking," aka Anders Krohn, who I'm very Hip upon! Not to mention the TV broadcast being interspersed with 'Ol 'R's, nee Robin Miller's wit and his Pit-walk shuffles.

As I understand the need to tune into the television broadcast, in order to pump up Indy Cars anemic TV Ratings, albeit my Mute Button sure gets a work out from the Bombardment of Commercials!

Yet I do appreciate how Kevin lay's out for long stretches a la Bob Jenkins to let the two drivers 'PT (Paul Tracy) and (Townsend) 'T-Bell "Jaw" profusely!

And I didn't find Kevin so disparaging during the second half of the broadcast once he seemingly relaxed. And I know he's a hard worker, who strives to improve, along with trying to fill "The big chair" of some pretty stellar past Sportscasters, so may be it's just my hearing, Eh? Since after all, Blind people have Super Powers; Hya!

As I'll leave Y'all with another of my long winded rants regarding various TV Sportscasters voices I penned awhile ago...